The value of your house can increase manifold if it has excellent bathrooms. Does your home have a small bathroom that confuses you when you think about designs?

When you have a small area to work with, remodeling it is almost akin to finding the perfect jigsaw puzzle pieces. Getting help from experienced bathroom design solutions lincoln ne experts is ideal. But we also have five tips that can help you make a small bathroom better.

Consider installing a corner sink

While it is virtually impossible to have an elaborate sink in a small bathroom, even a pedestal sink can be inefficient for space management. Install a corner sink opposite the toilet.

Use a shower curtain instead of a door

A shower curtain takes up less space as opposed to a glass door. It is flexible as well, unlike a stiff door. The curtain moves back and forth and will save up on space where a door would move in and out.

Opt for a rounded vanity

Since your bathroom is small, sharp edges can be a hazard due to a lack of free space. It will be safer for you to opt for a vanity with rounded corners. You will not have to worry about bruises!

Adopt large-scale patterns

Large-scale patterns like a wide stripe of tiles can act as a trickster! Such patterns trick the eye into perceiving a small space as roomier.

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Mount the faucet on the wall

If you mount the sink faucet on the wall, you will be able to have a narrower sink. It can save up on a lot of space!


You may consider a small bathroom to be a lost cause, but you can always enhance it, particularly with the help of design professionals. They will be able to help you increase the practicality of your small bathroom.